The Little Clothes Company, the story so far...(sorry it's a bit long)

Hello, my name is Sarah and I first started selling preloved children’s clothes about 12 years ago, when my eldest son and I were living on our own. Like all single parents, during the 5 years that I was on my own, I had to be very careful about how I spent my money. During that time I realised that I could sell his outgrown clothes on ebay and that there were loads of beautiful preloved children's clothes available to buy too.

Then I got married and our tiny family of two, grew over night to a family of 5, my son and 2 step-daugthers and my husband and I. After marrying we had a son together and our family became 6 and I ended up buying and selling even more clothes!

I absolutely love buying for the girls. It is so different buying for girls and so much more fun than buying for boys. It was then that I discovered all the beautiful clothes available from Mini Boden, Joules, Frugi and Little Bird and as they have grown older I found other brands like FatFace too.

After a few years, my selling became quite well known amongst my friends and people started to ask if I could sell their children’s clothes for them.  Through word of mouth, other people started to ask me if I would be interested in selling their children’s clothes too and that is how The Little Clothes Company first started.

I now have some wonderful and very loyal customers who I buy from every season and thanks to them I have so many beautiful outfits available to buy on here.

Although, initially my decision to buy things preloved was driven purely by financial necessity, this has now very much become a way of life for me and our family.  I am passionate about trying to reduce the amount that we buy new and trying to live in an eco-friendly way.

Greta Thunberg and David Attenburgh have opened my eyes and made a huge impact on how I see the world around us.  They have made me realise the crisis that the world is facing and I worry about our children’s future and the damage that we are doing to our world.

I hope that if we can all try and “reduce, reuse and recycle” more, the world would not have as much waste and buying preloved clothes is just one small step which can help save the amazing planet that we share.

I have always loved beautiful textiles and that is why I have chosen to sell the brands that I love that use gorgeous fabric. I really enjoy working with the beautiful patterns and bright colours and I am always really excited when I get a chance to look through new stock. 

When new stock arrives, I wash and iron it and check it for any faults. I am very selective over the clothes that I buy and I only buy clothes in very good or excellent condition. If while ironing the clothes I discover that there are any faults, then this is always mentioned in the description or these clothes are added to the clearance section of the website. 

I have tried to create a website that I would like to use. One that is easy to navigate around and user friendly.  I wanted it to be easy for you to find the items that you are looking for. You can search by boy/girl and age or by brand, age and particular item.

I have a mountain of stock that I am constantly adding to the website, so, please feel free to email me or call me 07982 305101 and I can help you find what you are looking for.

I would also love to hear your feed back on the website and how you find the shopping experience, so please email me your thoughts. It would be great to know if I can improve things for you.

I hope that you enjoy looking through the wonderful preloved children’s clothes available on here.  Happy shopping and I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Warmest Wishes

Sarah x